JPAHS is experienced with all the wide variety of installing and repairs. Offering emergency plumbings services. Without you we would be just another plumbing company, and for that reason we use quality parts and plumbing fixtures to keep your household running smoothly. All plumbing craftsmanship comes with a warranty and our installation guarantee. No job too big or too small.

storage tank water heaterOver periods of time a storage tank water heater will accumulate rust and sediment that reduces their ability to maximize heating water efficiently. Eventually, unmaintained storage tank water heaters will operate inefficiently causing more cost in heating water and potential damage beyond repair. This statement is especially true due to hard water. To prevent your storage tank water heater failure, call JPAHS for your annual maintenance check.

Within every household we love out hot water. From propane, natural gas, electric, and solar JPAHS can cover your hot water needs. Most storage tank water heaters store between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water. Average temperatures should be set around 120 degrees fahrenheit.

Here at JPAHS we want you to have hot water when you need it. By maintaining your tank or tankless water heating system we can ensure hot water is available when you need it. Emergency services available.

tankless water heater Solar water heater

Are you wanting to install a gas fireplace so you and your family can enjoy the crackling of a fire on the cold winter days and nights? Are you in thoughts of upgrading to a gas dryer or range? Are you wondering if there is an easier way to light your fire pit?

Due to the high risk of gas leaks, running gas lines into your home should and will never be a task taken to lightly. Our professional skilled plumber is trained and qualified to take on all of your gas plumbing projects.

We have years of experience installing gas lines.We are professional when it comes to underground gas lines to your pool heater, outdoor BBQ pits or grills, making the comforts of your life a convenience for you. Relocating existing gas lines or adding a new gas line, we here at JPAHS are qualified to handle all of your gas needs.

Dreams come true with an array of designs. Fiberglass, marble, onyx, tile, even some with jet and body sprays. JPAHS can install or replace your tub and shower with all the variety of materials available. Every home owner's needs are different and when it comes to your tub and showers, personalizing your desires is what matters to us. With all the different designs today we will work together with you on all your bathing options for you and your family.

Exiting your home to dispose of waste water are the drain pipes which lead to the sanitary sewer or septic system. The stories of drain cleaning; You would not believe what we have seen clogging up drains. We have seen it ALL. We know we can unclog your drains. Emergency service available.

We know where to look and how to locate the source of the clogged drain. A clogged drain can occur in fixture traps, curved pipes, the main drain, in pipes below the floor, or over the ceilings. We've even seen drain clogs all the way in the sewer lines.

At JPAHS our specialty trained professional drain technician drain cleaner will have your drain opened in no time at all. Getting to the source of your clogged drain with experience leading the way.

Homeowners today are looking for clean, pure, and refreshing drinking water for the entire family.

- Scale Blaster: Go Green
- No Salt / Chemicals
- 20/25 year life span
- Maintenance free
- Safe for people on salt restricted diets
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