Green Plumbing

Green plumbing is a whole new way of conserving energy as it relates to water usage. So many people talk about green these days and at JPAHS we want you to know about green plumbing and why it's so important. We all know that our natural resources are limited, especially water, but did you know that conserving water also helps with air pollution and conserving our other resources like electricity, coal, gas, and diesel too.

This is because water related energy users consume 19% of the states electricity, 30% of its natural gas, and 88 billion gallons of diesel fuel every year; and its demand is growing . This means that every gallon of water you don't use cuts down on the fossil fuels used in conjunction with water consumption, in effect using less water also equals less air pollution. JPAHS is really about using energy saving appliances, low flow fixtures, and a little common sense when it comes to using water. If everyone in America would take advantage of new green plumbing innovations it's estimated that we could prevent 91 million tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere each year.

Currently, the average family of 4 uses 116,000 to 175,000 gallons of water a year. Our goal at JPAHS is to introduce you to new green plumbing technology that provides the same or superior comfort level as traditional plumbing products, and also saves you money and the planet at the same time.

Low flow shower heads:

Using a low flow shower head will lead to big savings. For a typical family of four that takes 10 minute showers, replacing a 3.0 gallon per-minute shower head with a 1.5 gallon-per-minute shower head results in 60 gallons of water saving a day and 21,900 gallons a year.

Water saving toilets:

With EPA water sense certified high efficiency toilets and dual flush toilets. Is crucial to meet leed water efficiency requirements for new construction, existing buildings and leed homes.

Low flushing toilets can help you save 20% in water consumption compared to standard 1.6 gallon- per-flush toilets. Many older homes and businesses still utilize toilets with flush rates of 3.5 gallon-per- minute. If they switched to a 1.28 gallon-per-minute toilet they would save over 60% in water use per toilet. The average person uses the restroom facilities four times a day. Installing a water saving toilet would save over 115 gallon per year per person.

Water saving faucets:

Most new faucets use 2.25 gallons a minute, but you should consider installing a 0.5 gallon flow restrictor in your bathroom. If you think about it, how much water do you really need to brush your teeth or wash your hands. Also by turning off the water from the time you start actually brushing your teeth to the time you rinse will save about 300 gallons a year per person. Installing a metered faucet is an advantage to saving water and money. Water less urinals:

Water less urinals offer many economic, operational, and environmental benefits plus they are easier to maintain than the standard urinals because they require no installation, maintenance, or repair cost for flush valves, handles, sensor, or water supply piping. A single waterless unit can save up to 40,000 gallons of water a year.

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